Sunday, December 18, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Even though October and November was filled with amazing events including: being part of a physically integrated dance panel discussion, having a cake made by the “Cake Boss” for my birthday, seeing my favorite physically integrated dance group AXIS Dance Company, and a family a trip with my mom and Grandma also known as Chi Chi to Milwaukee. It was a very difficult time for both me and my family because we didn’t have consistent evening staff, which meant I was going to my parents just about every other day.  I felt like a person who is always traveling for business, only in my case I often didn’t know when I would be traveling until hours before.
I love my family, and my family loves me, but it was during this time that I realized the importance of consistency in my life.  Also this period of time was a great example of how quickly your life situation can change at the drop of a hat.
As 2011 comes to a close  I am grateful that I have a family that is always there for me and that I can once again live in the purple pad the way I want to.
May your home be filled with lots of warmth, joy and love this holiday season.