Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Joy of Spring

As the rain hits the windows of my apartment I am not upset because I believe it is a way for G-d and the people that I miss who are no longer with me physically to talk to me. It is the beautiful changes that happen this time of year that after 24 years still amaze me. Even though everything is taking a while to show up on the trees I know that spring will come and this is just G-d’s way of teaching us a big lesson in patience. Spring has a lot of little tiny miracles that we often take for granted like the birds coming back and the leaves on the trees showing again. I am very happy to report that even without physical therapy I am experiencing more movement in my body. I believe it is the gift of the spirits that care about me that are helping me to move more easily. After 24 years of being in my situation I didn't think this was possible but it is and all it took was patience and faith. This month I got asked to help remind people when our next dance workshops will be as well as remind people about rehearsal for the Disability Pride Parade and organize the T-shirts. The best part of all this is the piece I choreographed is going to be performed I am so honored and can’t wait! I hope your holidays were nice and let’s remember to be patient because spring is just around the corner.

Happy spring to all!