Saturday, July 4, 2009

My Independence Day


My independence day!  I always look forward to July fourth because it is a day for fun with my family and a lot of good food.  My dad and I usually take a bike ride to down town Northbrook to see the parade with Brian and Junior.  Then we usually come back to Mom and Dads for a BBQ party with friends followed by fireworks.  This year will probably be no different other than Justin will join in the fun as well. 

My first day of independence was when I moved into this apartment on Monday September 1, 2008 and I first created this blog.  Living on my own and going to Israel has shown me and my parents that despite my challenges I can live an independent life. 


According to C.A. Brooks in Paraplegia News, “No matter what our physical or cognitive abilities, just about everyone wants to be independent. In the world of disability, we use the word a lot. We talk about physical independence: being able to dress, do self-care, push a manual wheelchair, and drive a car or van. We talk about social independence: the freedom to hang out with friends, date, find a mate and raise children.”


Independence also includes “growing up” and taking on adult responsibilities. It means being responsible for your own actions, supporting yourself, and being in control of your own life. In fact, it’s the ability to manage yourself and control of your own life the gives you that chance to be successful, to have a purpose, to be happy”

Here are some of my views on independent living.  Please excuse my voice.  I was extremely nervous!

 Have a fun fourth of July and remember that everyone has there own form of independence!


PS I will talk about Israel in my next post