Friday, January 27, 2012


       Just a few short years ago after a relationship went from bad to worst like every young woman I was beginning to think that the whole relationship thing wasn’t for me.  In fact I was quite comfortable being single, that was until I met Ryan. 
        I’m not writing this to tell you about our relationship but remind you that it is ok to dream.  Whether you are 9 or 92, we all should dream.  It is what makes life exciting.  I have learned that not every dream comes true but unless you try to put it out to the universe nothing will happen.  
        This is a story that I tell almost every time I work with a family.  It goes like this: Many years ago a girl named Judith Snow was having a meeting to plan for her future and knowing that she really only had the use of one finger. They said "what do you dream of becoming someday?"  She replied, "I want to become a truck driver."  Instead of her parents saying no you can’t do that they said "ok Judith what is it about being a truck driver that you think you would enjoy doing?" She said "I want to make a difference in the world.  I want to deliver goods to people.  I want to feel in charge."  
          As a result of that meeting she is now a worldwide speaker traveling around making a difference, and she is in charge of her own schedule and personal assistants.  Yes she is not literally driving a truck but she is doing what she wants to do, just in a different way. 
So the next time you really want something to happen be patient and dream BIG. You never know what will happen.