Sunday, June 15, 2014

Follow Your Heart

In life, you are faced with choices, and when you are an adult sometimes it can be hard because your parents are not always there to help you decide what the right choice would be. They say when you are confused to follow your heart. This might sound cliché, but it was absolutely true for this month for me.

I was faced with two choices: 1. To go to camp 2. To dance. It might seem like a simple answer, but both of these things bring me comfort and enjoyment. After several days of contemplating the issue, and being concerned about what the right decision would be. I decided by the advice of one of my friends to give myself a day to think about it. I did, and I truly believe I gave myself a day to think about it. I not only did that, but I said to myself, “Do what your heart is telling you to do”.

And in this circumstance, my heart was telling me to dance. Even though I am not going to camp this summer, I will still be going to Fall Weekend, which is a weekened where I can spend time with some camp friends. You might say, “Jess, but you only get a chance to go to camp once a year, and you dance every week”. That was something I considered, too, but then I thought about how as a sit-down/wheelchair dancer, I do not get as many opportunities to perform as the stand-up dancers do. I knew my dance partner would be leaving for college in a few years and I didn’t know how many more opportunities we would have to spread the message of freedom of dance for all people with all abilities. 

So, that is why I believe my heart took over and told me to dance, because when I finally made my decision to perform this summer it was no longer coming from my head. My body just had an instinct telling me “You need to do this. This is an opportunity that you do not want to miss”.

I will be performing on July 19th at the Disability Pride Parade downtown and at my dance studio in Oak Park, the Academy of Movement and Music on July 26th and 27th.

I don’t know how many other times I will get this strong feeling of urgency in my life, but my advice to you is…When and if you ever get a it, follow your heart, because if you don’t you may be missing out on experiences you wish you hadn’t!


P.S. - My friend Chava had her baby today! Mazel tov to her and her family and I know she will teach her daughter to follow her heart!