Friday, December 12, 2008

2008 "Wrap Up"

This is what the holidays mean to me!
1. A time to share
2. A time to give of ourselves
3. A time to be with family and friends
4. A time to enjoy beautiful things
5. A time to love
6. A time to be grateful
7. A time to eat great food
8. A time to sing
9. A time to pray
10.A time to have fun.
What do the holidays mean to you?

Well I have completed another successful semester at Oakton and am off for five glorious weeks. I would like to thank Jennifer Schroeder my tutor for helping me get through my first semester in my own place. She has a degree in social work and I am proud to know her. Who would have thought that my mom would have found such a wonderful person at Panera Bread? Thank you so much!
Aide updates:
Brenda who most of you know because she has worked with my family and I for eight years, now helps me at my apartment on Mondays and Wednesdays. She has definitely adjusted well to her new role in my life and has a can-do attitude. Thank you for all that you do!
Big News!
Amanda my nighttime aid who I talked about last month is staying with me and Norine through this new semester but then is leaving because she is pregnant. I have mixed feelings about this because I am happy for her that she will be moving on and starting a family of her own but I am also worried about finding someone good to take her place. I am also a little sad because I will miss her. Until Amanda leaves I am sure we will have fun with her and enjoy watching the baby develop. I want to thank mom ahead of time for looking for someone to take Amanda’s place. I know it isn’t easy and I appreciate it. If any of you can think of a possible candidate for the job I would appreciate it if you let my mom and or me know. Thank you in advance! You never know, the person just might be someone who already works for me…
A few weekends ago my friend and sister Annie came over to the “purple goodness” for a sleepover. We had dinner and cocktails with our friends Eric and Phil at a nearby Mexican restaurant and then we came back and made ice cream sundaes at my place. That feels so cool to say, by the way. After they left we jammed to Tayler Swift’s new CD which is amazing and played Disney’s Scene It! We had so much fun that we lost track of time! I really recommend it! Annie, I hope you had a great time like I did and I hope we can do it again soon!
I was supposed to go to the Follies with Norine, which is a talent show that the teachers put on every two years at my school around this time. It is so funny! Anyway since Norine couldn’t go I wanted sit with my lunch friends but there was no more accessible seating on their side of the auditorium so, Dr. Hammel this really nice professor helped me walk to a regular seat. On top of a great show, a big thanks goes to Dr. Hammel for helping me out so I could enjoy it with my friends, plus hewas really cute. I don’t normally think about having angels but in this case, he was one! Thank you all for reading and Happy Holidays!