Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Featured Camper

This month I was featured in a newsletter that my camp puts together every month. I have had a very wonderful month with many birthday cards, presents, and good wishes from my family and friends. I also was able to participate as the entertainment in the Champaign Disability Expo. I plan to post pictures from that experience on the blog as soon as I get them, but the funny part of it all is that experience almost did not happen. I was trying to leave my room and my chair wouldn't move. You see earlier that day I had spilled coffee on it two times, but up until that moment my assistant and I were like, "Phew!" It didn't break down, but apparently it did, just not when we thought it was going to. Thank goodness the wheelchair people were able to get me a joy stick within 2 days of the mishap. I guess that's just the key to getting things done fast in the future. Just tell them you are going on vacation even if you are not, haha! Teddy has been through a lot also this month, but I am trying to get him back into the pup I want him to be. A friendly and enjoyable dog that everyone will enjoy because I know he has that potential. Anyways, here is the story from the featured camper of the month.

I have one more funny story to share. I was exhausted from the show because we had four pieces to do. The biggest show I have ever done in my whole life and I was waiting for Tori to get out of the bathroom. This mom said, could you move up, I said sure. I must have looked really out of it because the little girl whispered to her mom, "is she real?" That is my scary story for Halloween, BOO!

Happy Halloween!