Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Keep Going

My life has been nothing but crazy lately but the breaths in between have been amazing. Imagine yourself on a train or spinning around in a circle. Your eyes are closed and you feel so overwhelmed. You think, oh this is just temporary I hope. But day after day the same thing happens again, and more things keep testing you to see if you  can handle them. That is how my life has been lately. A little over two weeks ago, Tori my roommate found out that she is moving to Wisconsin. I am very happy for her that she is now following her dreams but she is not a room away from me, and I keep thinking she is going on a vacation and she is coming back in few days. I also have had a lot of assistance changes at the Purple Pad. At the very last minute, people have been having to fill in with not much training or notice, which has been very stressful for me. Also, each of them has different personalities, which is another reason why it has been so difficult. But it has taught me a lot about how you can’t always plan for everything in life. I have had assistants living on my own for almost six years now. But the abundance of people in personalities has just gotten to me this month. On top of it all, my little Teddy has had to go to my Mom’s house because of behavioral issues. So I hope one day, he can return to the Purple Pad. I think that is one of the reasons my life has been crazy. I’ve almost always had a dog to comfort me during difficult time and I don’t have it right now.

So it’s been nuts but in between all this craziness, I have enjoyed creating dances with my dance partner. We have created memories that I will never forget. Our relationship was just recently mentioned in the Oak Park newspaper. We are helping to teach the world that everyone can dance.

This has been a perfect month of really realizing the important things in life, like family because I had a lot of disagreements whether or not I should move to Oak Park because of my love for that community but then I have finally realized that I will be so far away from my family, and family is important. It is what keeps you strong and keeps you grounded.

Another breath or special memory I will never forget about this summer is reconnecting with my friend Annie. We met at the Dunkin workshop last summer and for whatever reason, I thought I would never see her again because she lives in Virginia, and I thought we would just be facebook friends until the end of time. But surprisingly or not, I saw that she had returned to the Humphrey workshop as well, and it was such a lovely surprise. So even though this month has been very difficult for me, I will always cherish the memories that have been created.  I know all of my readers have my back.  So my message to you is simply this, "no matter what obstacles you face, keep going" there is always a pot at the end of the rainbow. even if that pot is really far away. Thank you very much you are a big part of why I keep going.  To read the article I mentioned and another reason why I keep going please go to  http://www.oakpark.com/news/articles/7-29-2014/friends-and-neighbors:-integrated-dance/ and type in intergrated dance. love you all