Monday, March 1, 2010

My roller coaster of a life....

For a person like me, when your aide decides to leave you feel like your legs and independence have been taken away from you. You feel like until you get a new one your on a roller coaster that doesn't want to stop but then when people calm you down you think you wouldn't be put in this situation if you couldn't handle it. That is what life is like for me when I find out the news someone is quitting or cannot work for me anymore. My life is instantly put on hold and the breaks are on. That was what these past couple of weeks were like for me. I always tried to think positively in my head, but part of me is always thinking, "Am I still going to be able to live here and live the life that I want to?" After lots of tears arguments laughter and arranging I was able to find a new aide and rearrange my schedule so it all works out for me, Lindsy and my new aide Mina. One of the questions you might ask, is how did you find her? Well, my dad works with her husband and he does remodeling for his apartment buildings. Thank you dad for finding her!! Sometimes you find the right people when you least expect it. You might also ask how things are going with Mina, so far everything is working out she is very dependable understanding and has a great sense of humor.

Just when my life was becoming very shaky and even though I was comfortable with Mina I was still very uncertain about how things would play out but a few days later I got the greatest news finalized. I GOT INTO NORTHEASTERN ILLINOIS UNIVERSITY!!!! Yes, it's true!! Now I am not only living on my own, but another one of my dreams has come true. Now my roller coaster is ready for take off and I thought, now that I got this news I can do anything. Having this news now has really encouraged me to take the good with the bad. I am thrilled and beyond excited about next year, and I really see the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
Thank you to all of those who have supported me in my educational endeavours along the way.
Love to all,
Your Golden Eagle,
PS. I was so excited, I had to take my shoe off!! Check out the pics on my facebook!!!