Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Food glorious food!

It was about 12:30 and I woke up with this amazing bout of hunger. You have to understand, sometimes when I’m sleeping, and wake up I forget that I have a disability so I was literally about ready to get up and get out of bed and then I was like ”o yeah, I cant” and I wasn’t about to call my assistant Jackie at 12:30 in the morning just to say can I have a platter of food right now with a million calories? So, even though I was starving I had to adapt just like everything else in my life. I thought, “What is the next best thing?” I thought I could make a menu for the next week in my head because that is the only thing. I could think of that would get my mind off the immediate hunger and think of something else. Usually it is hard for me to think of a menu for the week, because when ever I do it I'm usually not that hungry. So here’s my menu that I thought of:

Monday: pancakes and sausage with fruit, usually raspberries, blueberries or bananas.

Tuesday: salmon brown rice and broccoli.

Wednesday: chicken parmesan with broccoli, yes I like broccoli. And maybe a piece of sourdough bread if we have it. Now even though I’m not at the apartment the entire week, I thought of meals for the entire week anyway.

Thursday: chili and baked potato, some veggie other than broccoli.

Friday: chicken with rice usually in a bowl for easier access. By the way, I like most of my meals in a bowl.

Saturday: lasagna or spaghetti and meatballs with a piece of either garlic bread or sourdough bread and a veggie.
Sunday: a chopped salad with assorted veggies and either ranch or auntie’s dressing (not my aunts dressing, the brand auntie’s)

Now I’m not going to eat my frogs, but I would like to end this post with the names of my frogs, DRUMROLL PLEASE!!!!

The names of my frogs are, McDreamy and McSteamy. Hannah, you are the winner!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!! Or ribbit ribbit ribbit!!! Hannah, if you could send me your address either on facebook or email I can send you something very frogalicious!! Thanks to everyone else that were participants in the contest. Happy 2010, I hope the year is starting out well for all of you! With much love!