Thursday, July 1, 2010

Power of choice

I am learning not to take my independence for granted. Without my assistant's I wouldn't be able to maintain living on my own. It is very good to keep things into perspective. I would like to share a story with you. My family is trying to apply for CLIA (Community Integrated Living Arrangement) funding which will allow me to live in my own apartment and to take some of the financial burden off my family. I didn't realize this until after we started applying for the funding. But, it finally hit me. That I am dependent on people to help me. This is my reality. I than realize that independence is not necessarily driving a car nor physically putting myself into bed. Its about deciding when I want to go to bed or where I want to go in a car. For me its the power of choice. However, it doesn't mean that people such as myself want to be treated any differently. In fact, it brings me back to the statement"We the people want to be treated equal". That was said, several years ago by one of are fore fathers. So it is not a new concept. I want to thank Mina and Tonya for all they do to help support me on a daily basis. So, that I can have the power of choice. Happy July 4Th and remember that everyone has their own power of choice.

Love Jess