Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Letter From Teddy

Hi everyone! For this post I have decided to take a backseat and let Teddy do the talking. Ruff! Or Hi! My Name is Teddy, The unofficial service dog. I have been living with Jess in the purple pad and my wonderful friends which she calls 'assistants', but we are both at a loss. I can't get the process of walking down. Whenever I see a car or a person who I am not used to, I get nervous. I know I am not supposed to look like a person, but I act like a person by standing on my legs. It's all that I know. I don't know what to do. Jess told me that her friend Paula is coming in for the weekend. I hope I'm not scared of her and start acting like a person because I really don't want to do it. Please help us. She says that you guys are very helpful to us. Thanks again!

Teddy and Jess.

P.S. Next month she plans to tell you about her next speaking engagement weekend with Paula and upcoming plans for her education and work. Stay tuned.