Saturday, March 31, 2012


One word that keeps popping up over and over in my head is teamwork.  For instance, whenever I lose an assistant, we have to work together as a team to figure out what the next step is.  I know from that point on, it is back to the bench and back to square one.  These times are tough, but I know I can always depend on the team for support and guidance. This will continue throughout my life.  
    Yes, it is not an “athletic team” but we work together in the same way as a traditional team would, for the better cause, to make things right for me.  Another example was on Tuesday when I had to take my second pair of wisdom teeth out.  I had to work as a team, tell the doctors briefly about cerebral palsy and my movement patterns, so they would know how to best help me. Mina (my day assistant) and I had to think outside the box because she knew I needed the x-ray done but I knew from last time it wouldn’t work in my chair.  So once again, we had to work as a team and be teachers to figure out a way I could get the x-rays done out of my wheelchair.  I ended up standing up with Mina behind me.  
    What I have learned over the years, it is all about flexibility and understanding.  I don’t get frustrated when I have to teach something to someone new; however I do get frustrated when the people I am trying to teach are not understanding of my limitations and think there is only one way to do something.  A lot of the time this is thought by doctors and professionals.  If there is one thing in the world I could teach professionals, it would be to be open minded.  Not every patient of theirs is going to fit the mold they are expecting.  So, it is all about teamwork people:
Love, Jess